Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just feel the need....

I sit here thinking that I want to blog again, to vent my feelings of disappointment, or to have you rejoice with on the good things of life.  Yes, I want to blog but sometimes it is as painful for me to share as it is to go up to a fairly new acquaintance and speak.  What, you say, Kathy is reserved?  Yes I am, somewhat.  But  I have been very busy so I want to share with you.

Three weeks into the school year, and I don't like it!  What happened to our lazy days of summer, sleeping late, no agenda?  I don't like waking up to an alarm clock.  My creaking body wants me to give it a little more time before I get out of the cozy bed.

 Then  it's hurry up and get Grandgirl 1 up and going.  And that in itself is quite a
chore.  "Put deodorant on before your clothes, come eat, put your bowl in the sink, take your medicine, go brush your teeth really good and rinse with mouthwash,  make your bed and pick up in you room".  I sound like a broken record.  I really could record my whole repertoire and just play it every morning.  It wouldn't matter to her.  She moves at her own speed and in her own world anyway!

There you have it folks, my first blog in two years with the hope there will be many more to come.

In His service and love...............

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picking out the thorns.......

God has never promised us that life would be a bed of roses...and just think about it, a bed of roses really wouldn't be great, you know, with all the thorns and all.  But God has promised to be right with me every step of the way,  holding my hand and guiding me all the way through life.  That is the most comforting thought that has crossed my mind today.  I don't have to go through life in dispair or wrought with fear.  My Jesus lived and died for me.  He took the thorns and nails for me.  I owe everything to him who has given everything for me.  

Thursday, July 15, 2010

De-cluttering my life, my house....and whatever gets in my way!

I've been on vacation the past two weeks.  Didn't take a long extended trip to a far away island.....something much better!   Been getting rid of stuff, useful, non useful, cute, ugly, it didn't matter.  If I looked at something the wrong way, it has been pitched.  Daughter #1 is getting ready for a garage sale and so this is the perfect opportunity to give to a charitible cause..FEED THE GILES CHILDREN!  ha!  I have stripped my walls of paintings, boxed up lots of home decorations that will soon find a new home to adorn.  I'm tired of dusting (or maybe I should say not dusting).  My house looks like it is ready for Halloween with all the cobwebs!   Everything has got to go. 

Just so you don't think my house will look totally bare, I've ordered some wonderful vinyl sayings to go up on the walls.  Don't have to dust them!

And I guess I must confess, we did take a little trip to Clinton, OK.  And I did de-clutter Walt's wallet some!

All this work has been hard on poor hubby.  I told him we would take tomorrow off....and go garage selling!   His words were "To get some more clutter?"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy, Father, Pops, Dad......what ever you call him

This post is dedicated to the most special men who have been in my life. 

I was so blessed to have a Daddy that thought I was the greatest(much to the rest of the family's chagrin!)  I think the one thing I love about my Daddy is that my life was always constant!  I always, without a doubt, knew that he was going to be there for me.    My brother has continued the May love by being a great dad to my two nephews and in turn they are loving on their children as they have been shown...unconditionally!

 Walt fell into my Daddy's footsteps and been my rock for nearly 39 years.  He is wonderful at showing friends and family love,  will stand by you for as long as he is needed.  Can be a man of few words, if needed, or as we all know he can wine and dine you with his tales!  He loves God,me, the girls and their families, along with a host of friends who lay claim to Boppy.  What a guy......unconditionally!

Isn't this just like God?  Being our rock, loving on us at all times, ready to talk to us, and to listen to us, to guide us and to always be there no matter how far we travel.......unconditionally!

Children, obey your parents in the lord, for this is right.  "Honor your father and mother" which is the first commandment with a promise, "that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth"
                                                                                Ephesians 6:1-3

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The fixer..........

I've always like to be the fixer!   I think I have raised my girls to be fixers.  And, what you say, is wrong with that?   Well, sometimes, you just can't fix things .  And that, my friends, is a very uncomfortable situation  for me to be in. 
As many of you know, our family is fostering (for lack of better word)  Roda and her four kiddos.  They are from Sudan.  Roda can speak English, but doesn't have a compete vocabulary.  She understands and writes a whole lot less!  And that is frustrating.   She can't read or write English, can't get a drivers' license, can't get insurance on her van, can't get a sticker on her van!   You see where this is leading?  You guessed it.  She wants to learn how to drive, just like that!   She needs to get her vehicle ready so she can drive herself to work and get home in a timely manner.  Right now, she pays someone to ride with them to work, and usually gets the kids from the babysitter about 1 or 2am, and gets all in bed at 3am or so.  Not so good for school kids!
Sitting here right now, I don't know how to fix this!  And I am so frustrated! 

Friday, January 1, 2010


I am going to lose weight, remember everyone's birthday, mail sympathy and get well cards, walk 1-2 miles everyday, even help little old ladies across the street!  **

Resolutions......whatever~  This is a day to make changes, not lame promises! 
God has promised me an eternal life, what can I do?  If he gave up his only Son for me, what can I do?  Certainly nothing compares.  Certainly, I don't need to do any sacrificial slayings.  I just need to do what Jesus would do.  I must let peple see Jesus in me. 
Will I falter? sure; Stumble? yes; Keep going? absolutely.  If I love my life, love my family, love my friends, and love my God, I will keep on going.  I can make a difference in my life.

**I really do plan on doing all the above !